Which One's Gerry?

The Three Nuns At Colletts Green The Three Nuns At
Colletts Green

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Gerald always extends the hand of friendship to visitors, realising that they often like to serve behind the bar for nothing.

How long is there until closing time?

There is sometimes a waiting list for this dubious privilege, so if you would like to take the place of the Lauren and Jeff in the picture, please write to Gerald along the lines of:

Dear Gerald,

I will be in England from dd.mm.yy to dd.mm.yy and would love the opportunity of working long hard hours behind your bar for nothing, while you sit on your fat Welsh arse drinking lager.Bastard

Yours sincerely

Whilst you are in the Nuns you will also get the chance to savour exotic cocktails like Damian here, from Colorado

Way to go, Damian

or, like Betsy here, get chatted up by the handsome locals.

I hope my smile doesn't look forced