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Worcestershire offers many attractions to visitors apart from its pubs. In common with the rest of these Worcestershire pubs, many of these attractions are close to the Three Nuns at Colletts Green. Basically this page is just a cynical ploy to bump the site up the search engine ratings, and if you've found this page it's obviously worked. Here are a few examples:

Quite a few of the Nuns' punters are from Malvern originally. It's famous not only for the hills but also for its water which is meant to be a cure for alcoholism. Obviously it's not terribly effective.

The Morgan Car Factory
Morgan Cars have been manufactured in Malvern since 1910. The present range of Morgan cars, the 4/4, the Plus 8, and the new Aero 8 are all built by hand at the present Morgan Motor Company Factory situated two miles away in Pickersleigh Road, Malvern. Although there is actually a Morgan Pub in Malvern, many of the highly skilled Morgan craftsmen prefer to alleviate their stress levels with a couple of pints in the Nuns.

Crossflow Powered 4/4 - The Thinking Man's Morgan
A Morgan 4/4

The city of Worcester is famous for its Porcelain factory, its Worcestershire Sauce, its civil war associations, and its cathedral. It is a mecca for cricket, horse racing and rugby fans.

Elgar's Birthplace
Edward Elgar was born in Broadheath is just a couple of miles away. Indeed Elgar may well have drank a few pints in the Nuns, as he once looked after the Powick lunatic asylum's orchestra, which used to be just over the road.

Shakespeare's home town is a mere thirty miles down the road.

There's a great karting circuit in nearby Herefordshire at Kinsham.
Visit www.motorvating.co.uk for details.

Bridge Books
A couple of people round the Nuns play bridge. They all swear by the strong club bidding system they learnt from the Composite Club book by Bill Hodgkiss.
Visit www.compositeclub.co.uk for details.