Which One's Gerry?

The Three Nuns At Colletts Green The Three Nuns At
Colletts Green

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As well as enjoying monthly outings to the many local golf courses in Worcestershire, the Nuns' golf society has an annual holiday in the sun when Gerald has to endure the unimaginable torture of watching fifteen of his best customers spending sackfuls of money in other peoples' bars. Last year's trip to the Costa del Sol proved to be one of the better ones of recent years.

Miserable Looking Gits
Dave and Chick Enjoying a Laugh

Shame About The Legs and the Face The golfing high point was Steve Wilcox's hole-in-one at Torrequebrada (138 metres - 5 wood, the wuss).

The low point was that he wouldn't shut up about it.

Steve Celebrates, Holding His Lucky Club

The overall winner was Andy Taylor whose handicap is now so low he'll have no chance next year.

Rock Lobsters
Steve and Andy Receiving Their Trophies